The Seat Is Always Up

We all tend to live in our own bubble.  Life hums along at its usual pace and we settle into a standard routine for us that we call “normal”.  It’s not until a manic experience moves us to see our own life through someone else’s eyes that we then realize how odd your life really is.

There were a few tell-tale signs along the way.  I found a Hot Wheels car in the toilet because there was an experiment to see if a whirlpool really could suck down an automobile.    My garden statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was decapitated by a swift kick of a soccer ball.  Perhaps it was the fact that nature has a smell and it permeates every corner of my house even though I live indoors.  Every time the aroma of cinnamon candles hits my nose or I see anything clean and white, I realize that my life is as unique as pink zebra.

Over 20 years after college I still live in a fraternity house, where there’s always a belch at the dinner table and a support cup on the living room floor.  Even though I am a woman who loves to paint her toenails, soak in a bubble bath and have 3 hour long hair appointments, I live with six males ages 50, 18, 15, 13, 12 and 11.  With all the chaos, clamor and cacophony of laughter that comes with them, I reside in a home that has a decibel level that requires my Uncle to turn down his hearing aids the minute he walks in the door.  When I go to use the washroom, I have learned the importance of always keeping the seat up when I leave, or having a substantial amount of Clorox wipes at my imminent disposal upon my arrival.

This is my blog about living in a sea of testosterone……..and loving every minute of it.